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Santosha About Image, Whitewater Rapids

My name is Gordon Ross and I am the main driving force behind the Santosha Clothing Company. We are a conscious clothing company that sells new sweatshop-free clothing with earth-positive and people-positive designs and messaging. Style permitting, we also source organic fibres for our clothes. My goal is to make you look awesome on the outside while knowing that your purchase has been kinder to the workers who make them and to our dear Pachamama that sustains us all.

When price becomes the main factor in any industry, it always leads to lower labour standards and environmental abuse. And the same goes for the clothing industry where where sweatshops and poor environmental standards are the norm. We’re trying to be a part of the solution by saying no to sweatshop goods. Where possible, we also try to source fibre that has been consciously sourced. The triangle of fashionable clothing, price, and ethically sourced materials is a tricky one to navigate. We hope you love our designs and the philosophy and efforts behind them,

I want you to be hip to your friends, our brothers and sisters working in the garment industry and to Mother Earth when you wear our cool threads. That’s why I created Santosha Clothing.

And we are always looking for ethically sourced clothing so please drop us a line if you have any leads.

Thanks for dropping by.

Gordon Ross

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